Our mission is to provide compassionate care to those who are ready to take the first steps to recovery from opioid  and alcohol dependency. Our motto, "Overcoming Addiction Changes Everything", underscores our belief that everything becomes possible again when the burden of addiction is finally lifted.
We know that the very thought of living without opioids or alcohol may seem to be an impossible dream, and we offer the compassionate support and care to turn that can turn that goal into a reality.  Recovery is a journey, and many of our patients  and their families who have suffered through years of substance dependency have  expressed to us the joy of regaining their lives and their loved ones at the end of that journey.
Addiction is a chronic medical condition, not a personal choice or a moral failing, and  we treat every patient with respect, dignity, and understanding.  As with any medical condition, proper treatment requires evaluation and management by trained and experienced professionals. Trying to self-manage addiction recovery, or going "cold turkey", rarely succeeds, and more often results in failure and delayed recovery.
We don't believe in a "one-size fits all"  approach to recovery, so all treatments are individually tailored to each patient.  Treatments consist of medical therapies including Suboxone,  an oral medication taken at home,  or Vivitrol, a once-per month office injection.  Both  types of medical therapies are used in conjunction with behavioral health group sessions conducted by experienced addiction counselors.  Research has shown that this multi-disciplinary treatment approach is highly recommended for lasting recovery because it addresses both the physical (medical) and the psychological components of addiction.
All treatments are out-patient based, and don't require daily office visits as is often the case with other therapies. This means you can maintain your normal routines at home, school, and work while you are being treated.
Our office is located in a private office in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, 1/4 mi off of Exit 42 on I-95/128, with free parking available onsite. We offer flexible appointments during the day and evenings to help meet your needs, and accept most commercial insurance plans.   To make an appointment, please call our office at 781-245-6400.