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About WellCrest
Our mission is to provide compassionate care to those who are ready to take the first steps to recovery from opioid and alcohol dependence and regain the joy of life without the burden of addiction.  
We recognize that substance dependency is a chronic illness, not a personal choice or moral failing, and our staff treats every patient with care, respect, and dignity.  As with any chronic medical condition, successful management requires diagnosis and treatment by experienced professionals.  Attempting to quit opioids or alcohol by 'toughing it out' or by using other self-treatment techniques rarely succeeds, and often results in multiple relapses instead of recovery.    
Our programs consist of individually tailored medical treatments utilizing Suboxone or Vivitrol, used in combination with behavioral health sessions provided by onsite addiction counselors, or you can choose to use your own therapist.  Research has shown that a combination of medical and behavioral health therapies can increase the chances of lasting recovery because it addresses both the physical and psychological components of addiction.  All treatments are out-patient based, and do not require daily office visits as is sometimes the case with other therapies, so you can maintain your normal routines at home, school, and work while you are being treated.
WellCrest is located in a private and relaxing office in Lynnfield, MA, close to Exit 42 on I-95/128.  We offer flexible appointments during the day and several evenings to help meet your needs, and we accept most major commercial insurance plans.  Please call us at 781-245-6400 for more information or to make an appointment.