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Our Services

WellCrest provides a variety of medical and behavioral health services individually tailored to each patient's needs to best support them throughout the recovery process.
Our medical therapies utilize medications such as Suboxone,  an oral medication taken at home,  or Vivitrol, a once-per month office injection.  These therapies are used in combination with behavioral health group sessions conducted by licensed addiction counselors, or you can choose to use a behavioral health professional of your choice.  It is important to understand that the combination of medical and behavioral health therapies is critical to lasting recovery since it addresses both the  physiological  and the psychological components of addiction. 

Medical Services

  • Opioid dependency management with Suboxone or Vivitrol
  • Alcohol dependency management with Vivitrol
 Vivitrol benefits:
  • Once-per-month office injection
  • Non-addictive, not an opioid
  • Well tolerated, fewer side effects


Behavioral Health Services

  • Cognitive Behavioral therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention Group 


Other Services

  • Painting Class
  • Yoga Class




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