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"I’ve been battling addiction for about 14 years and have been through many doctors, rehabs, and clinics around the country.  I have failed over and over again because I couldn’t find any kind of treatment that worked for me till now.  Ever since I started WellCrest and Vivitrol, I feel I actually have this under control now, not just because of the Vivitrol, but because of the level of care I receive. This works for me."

 “Warm and welcoming environment. Dr. Lopez is attentive and truly listens and cares for her patients. The staff is friendly and will work with patients with scheduling.  Great group meetings."

“ I have been in so many programs that felt impersonal or used a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery. Dr. Lopez and WellCrest have been the opposite for me. They take an individual approach, are available and supportive when you need them, and have helped me reach my first full year of sobriety.

“If you are serious about recovery, this is the place to go! WellCrest has been a lifesaver for me. Attending group and meeting with Dr. Lopez has been very comforting.  It is a professional atmosphere that is very helpful.  I recommend Dr. Lopez for anyone who is thinking about recovery."

“Thanks to the supportive and caring staff, I have been able to turn my life around.  I look forward to the weekly support group."

“I love this place. Dr. Lopez is a great doctor. I have almost two years of sobriety thanks to the help of Dr. Lopez. She is very understanding and I feel cared about. This is a great place."

“Good program, very personable. I feel very comfortable in group settings as well as one on one sessions. Staff is very friendly and I feel I can open up to them. "

“I love the staff and their professionalism. I’m always treated excellently and they truly care about their patients. "

“The facility is first class, and the staff is awesome and helpful. Dr. Lopez truly cares.  If you are ready to put in the work, this is the place that will help you succeed.”

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